Sunday, October 19, 2008

Feeling fall arrive and summer slip away...

It's hard to believe I picked almost 70 cherry tomatoes last week off my dwindling tomato vine, but it's true. I also now have 4-5 small peppers and a couple of white eggplants left on the bushes; that's right, white! I didn't know such a thing existed, but thought I'd grow them for the novelty and sure enough--they are rather pretty. They look like large eggs except they are almost irisdescent and have the smoothest skin imagineable. We're not big eggplant lovers; but my sister Cathy (that lived in Naples, Italy for 3 years and is a wonderful cook) has cooked lots of unusual dishes with the eggplant I've given her this past summer and even up until recently.

Russell and I (and Katie) spent last night in Raleigh as we volunteered to watch our two granddaughters while her parents, Kelly and Chuck, attended Kelly's 20th high school reunion in Myrtle Beach. K&C said they had a good time and we sure did! The funniest thing happened when we took the kids to CharGrill. My sister Nancy and her husband Keith came along too. Madison (7) and Carly (3) love dessert and both asked for some after our meal. We decided to split a humongous chocolate milkshake that CharGrill is famous for. Dividing perhaps a 20 oz. container among us 5--Nancy, me, Madison, Carly and an extra one for whomever--meant no one got a whole lot. As I handed Carly her cup I said, "What do you say?" That precious angel could win a prize for her amazing manners: It's always "Thank you, you're welcome, may I have, etc." and her entire demeanor is grateful, kind and humble--all that coming from a 3 year old. Seriously! But when I said to her, "What do you say?" she answered me with "Is that all?" Isn't that hysterical!

So we came home today and Russell helped me sort of "catch and carry" (by way of green plastic wire) my passion vine which is so passionate it's about to grow onto my roof from the front porch posts. Together we wrapped it where it was "loose and wild," then he ran a wire from the middle post of our porch to the outside left and right post and now the little guy can run all it wants on all 3 posts and beyond! Sadly, I only got one flower and you know they are UNBELIEVABLE!!! One of the most interesting flowers in the plant kingdom, if you ask me. The butterflies had taken over the past few weeks (in a good way) and I watched the black and orange Monarchs light here and there; but last week we had more wasps than butterflies (not good) and I stayed away from the vine. My other "bonus" plant that went crazy this year was my lemon scented (I think?) geraniums. I have two and each grew to about 3' high and 2' wide. Amazing! They are in pots at either end of my torquoise garden bench.

So that's what I've been up to: gardening and grandkids. It doesn't get much better.

Till next time, remember: You don't have to be crazy to read this, but it might make more sense if you are.

Annie I.