Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Trilogy is Born!

Did it! Done it! Didn’t we? I am so thrilled to announce the Life is Short trilogy is out (in fact, I’ve already done three booksignings and a dozen more are coming up). I was waiting for the book(s) to hit the shelves before I blogged. This happened in mid-October, and I’ve barely stopped to breathe. But, hey, it’s all good! Brand new: Life is Short, I Wish I Was Taller. Second editions: Life is Short, So Read This Fast! and Life is Short, But It’s Wide. My awesome editor, designer and friend, Kiki Johnson, gets the credit for making this trilogy appealing, awesome and unique. She even created new covers for Fast! and Wide and new layout design inside. If it was just about me, I’d be pretty self-centered, huh? But the way I see it, I gave a job to a talented UNC-W Publishing Lab grad student (Kiki), a passionate and articulate photographer, Sunnie Pennington and a film-and-movie star make-up artist extraordinaire, Rudolph Eavey, III. And now, they are all three my new friends and partners in crime, ha! Hey, I haven’t lost my sense of humor. Honestly!

But not only that, I’m on a “Buy American” kick right now and I’m proud to say: The books were conceived in the good ole U.S.A., (LOL!), designed, made, and now distributed in the good ole U.S.A., and for the most part, the South! Alright, that’s all I’m saying right now. I’ve got a deadline—more humor to write, more stories to tell, more folks to eavesdrop on, and…oh, yeah, wait a minute: a turkey to buy for Thanksgiving! Oh, and lest I forget: Once again, Goody 2 Shoes Publishing is the force behind the fun! Remember to come to my book signings and say “hello” and by all means, contact me for a speaking engagement. I’ve still got room for a few appearances for 2011! Y’all come back now, y’hear?