Saturday, June 18, 2011

From Prissy's patio

No excuses! I have to blog more often: have to, want to, need to! But I wouldn’t go so far as to say “shoulda, coulda, woulda” because then it becomes mandatory and, therefore, a rule! I hate rules! I am a nonconformist and a rule breaker (in a good way…I hope).

Today, after I watered my vegetable and flower garden, I placed my new lawn ornament, aka, a lovely, concrete koi (fish) out amongst the colorful and prolific plants in my yard, y’all. He is adorable! I bought him at a really special, vintage shop in Morehead City, named The Blue Gardenia, on Arendell St. The owner, Pamela, is just precious! Also, her good friend and buddy, Goober, was sitting there keeping her company as I shopped. It is SUCH a small world! Come to find out, he is a band director at the high school in Morehead City and he knows Melanie Wright. She was the band director at Waccamaw High School in Pawleys Island when Katie was attending, and playing flute. (Katie went on to get a master’s degree in flute performance from LSU—but is NOW enrolled in nursing school. Hooray!)

Anyhoo—I was wondering what to name my new statue—the koi, and decided to name him Goober, Jr., in honor of my new friend that I met at the store, Donald Johnson, whose nickname is indeed Goober. FYI, I name many inanimate objects that that are special to me—it’s what I do!. My car is named Blueberry—a lovely indigo ink pearl (did someone say Duke?) blue Toyota Avalon.

Okay, I meant to keep this shorter, but what can I say? A lot more, actually!!! Still, in order to stop the boredom from my readers, fix dinner for hub-Russ and I (which, like Frankie on The Middle, might come inside a paper bag a few miles away from my kitchen), and to make a deadline for my humor column, I shall say goodbye.

Oh! P.S. Thanks to Dee Gee’s Books and Gift Shop and the great customers and readers in Morehead City for the fun book-signing yesterday! I’ll post pictures soon on Facebook. Promise!