Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Third one's the charm (let's hope…)


It's official! The trilogy is at the press, so to speak. (Doesn't that sound like "code" for something quite clandestine—wink! wink!) Actually, it's anything BUT covert. It's overt, official and long overdue. Not only that, it was the best birthday ever, when on September 17, this nearly four-month project was completed.


Life is Short, I Wish I Was Taller will premiere mid-October to complete the trilogy.  My other two books, Life is Short, But It's Wide (first published, 2003) and Life is Short, So Read This Fast! (first published, 2007) have been completely redone with new covers. Therefore, these two are second editions. I am proud and honored to have worked with Kiki Johnson, book-girl-extraordinaire, a grad student and teaching assistant at The Publishing Lab at The University of North Carolina, Wilmington. Kiki has edited and designed all three books for cohesiveness, clarity and coordination. I can honestly say I've never been happier in all of my (nearly) twenty years of writing and thirteen years of being published.


I also want to mention a couple of other very important people who contributed to Taller, making it the best book so far (in my humble opinion): Sunnie Pennington, photographer (and acting coach) and Rudolph Eavey, III, make-up artist. Also, thanks to Mike Womble of Horizon Sites for my new website (which will be updated soon to reflect the new books). Check out and to learn more.


Once again (and as always), God is good! I anxiously await this next chapter in my life with hub-Russ. It's been a long-time coming, but it's been worth the wait. A big thank-you to my precious family, friends and readers who have been with me every step of the way. I couldn't do without you. I hope you'll come see me at one of my upcoming book signings! 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Booking it!

I see it's been a month since I blogged, so here's a quick update:

A small setback that turned out to be a blessing: We are completely redoing the books, "Fast" and "Wide" in such a way that all contents are being redone. This, of course, means a little delay in publishing "Taller," the third book to complete the trilogy. But it's all good and the end product will be amazing! (Even if I say so myself.)

I can't tell you how many folks are asking "When will we see "Life Is Short, I Wish I Was Taller"'? The answer is just as soon as I see it—but seriously, probably late October or early November. Though, not to worry, just in time for the Christmas season!

Thanks, prayers and peace to all who have helped me along the way. But especially to my family, Russell, Katie and Kelly and to Kiki Johnson, my awesome editor and designer.

That's all for now. Happy Labor Day! Be safe, well and happy! ^j^