Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me (and Ellen!)

Well, it's a small world. On your birthday, do you ever wonder how many other people are celebrating the same exact birthday? Well I do. And now I know at least one more. Ellen. There is a fabulous Thai restaurant here in town that Katie (daughter #2) took me to today to celebrate my fifty-something (closer to 55 than 60) birthday. We ordered our pad Thai and sat there enjoying the interesting surroundings--silky, colorful scarves tacked at each window, lucky bamboo plants and tiny gold buddhas here and there--when Ellen stopped by our table. We chatted about her business, (she's the owner), the weather, news in town, etc. The usual. When Katie told her it was my birthday, Ellen smiled, then laughed, then bent over laughing. She said, "We share birthdays!" Now this occurs to me: It's easy, even natural, to share smiles, laughter, food and memories. It's kind of a universal, even. But how often can you share a birthday? That, I've decided, is pretty rare. Special, even...

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