Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Overhearing conversations


I have decided to blog from time to time about conversations I overhear. Every writer I know has this fascination with overhearing other people's conversations. Sometimes what I hear is funny, sometimes it's sad, often times it's plain old interesting. Whether the talker is on a cell phone (as often as not) shopping or sitting face to face at a diner, remember: You, too, could appear on my next blog. Or at least, your conversation.

So, today I was in my fave store, (hunting SHOES), the store that's edgy, urban and chic--plus cheap! This woman was on her cell phone talking ninety miles an hour, also trying on shoes (though I don't know how!) and she said out loud, "What is the big DEAL?" She pronounced every word loud and clear, but also with an a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e! Picture this: Snapping her fingers and zig zagging her shoulders, neck and head. She went on to say someone had supposedly "shut the door to the bus in his face," but that she "didn't believe it." Then she said, (and this is the BEST part): "Yes, that is what he had said." Snap! I've heard this atrocious grammar so much lately that it's starting to sound right. "Is that what you had said?" Ya'll: HAD does not go with SAID. "Is that what you said?" sounds much better. Hmmm? But it's not nearly as fascinating.

Okay, gotta run. Time to cook some shrimp sauted in butter, blue-cheese coleslaw and local corn on the cob. Oy!


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