Monday, January 4, 2010

My definition of a perfect day is...

My definition of a perfect day Katie and I went to see "It's Complicated" at the movies and loved, loved, loved it! I highly recommend it! Meryl Streep is awesome as usual; and Alec Baldwin surprised me with his superb performance. It was a LOL movie with some poignant moments as well. Katie had been "home bound" sort of, since last Thurs., when she had her 4 wisdom teeth extracted. She's doing great now though. Our mother/daughter time was so, so special!

Later we had coffee at Atlanta Bread Co. and saw old friends from when Katie worked there. Then a trip to the library. We discussed her next college classes, as she prepares to hopefully enter nursing school in the fall. Thankfully, she's gotten gigs to play flute (recently, a few at church) and she'll never lose that talent or love of music. But helping others and being in the health field is her main thrust now. God is good and it'll all work out.

Came home and cooked fresh catfish, home-baked fries and blue cheese coleslaw. (The movie made me want to REMODEL my kitchen and maybe even REMODEL my life! When will I ever give up on the idea of owning a small cafe/bakery?) Russell says "This too shall pass..." he says it a lot, actually. But I remind him of his dream, as well: Playing on the Senior Tour of the PGA. Never say never!

Tonight I'm updating my new contact list for 2010 and starting to fill in my new calendar. I love it when a new year unfolds and everything is so fresh. I get excited with anticipation. Till next time...

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