Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Change in plans

Hey y'all,

Well my last blog has not happened quite like I planned. So the article you read tomorrow in the Georgetown Times won't be about the diamond-studded burrito I was recently served (though it will come next time). That's because when I looked at the calendar I realized I was celebrating TEN YEARS this month of writing for S.C.'s oldest newspaper, Georgetown Times. I decided to dedicate the column to my friends, readers and bookbuyers who have made this ten years possible. THANK YOU!

But don't worry--the diamond story will be published soon. Oh and I'm visiting my orthodontist this Friday; so pray along with me that no brackets, posts, wires, or whatever have been knocked loose--I think I'd know by now if they were. Still...

Y'all keep in touch and remember to tell your Mama I asked how she is durring!

Hugs, not drugs,
Annie I.

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