Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do you read eyebrows?

Well, I hope my new blog (this being my 2nd entry) is now readable. I didn't blog for over a year--you know; the usual reasons, new home, new town, new life--not really, my life is still pretty much the same. I write columns. I write books. I do signings, talks and some acting. I garden. I cook. I travel. I visit family and friends, (vice versa).

Anyoo, I just "activated" my account with Google and if I did it right, you can now read these words, but not my eyebrows.

That's a family joke--reading eyebrows. Many years ago, I was riding in the car to Disneyworld with some of my crazy (did I say that?) family. My sister Cathy was in the backseat with her napping baby. So, I turned around and whispered what I wanted to say. But my headrest covered the lower 2/3 of my face, exposing only my eyebrows which were going up and down frantically. That's when Cathy said, "I don't read eyebrows" and we the entire car cracked up laughing. So much for the sleeping princess...

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