Friday, August 15, 2008

The third blog from moi, aka a "magnet for the unsual"

Well, this magnet for the unusual (a.k.a. moi) did it again: I ran into a BIG problem recently when I had lunch at one of our popular Mexican haunts here in town. Taking the final bite of my BIG BURRITO, I bit down on something HARD, real HARD!

Now, you'll never believe it, so let me just tell you: I bit down on a diamond! Isn't that ridiculous? I know! I know! If they had only ASKED me at the counter, "Would you like a diamond with that burrito?" I would've said, "Most definitely, not," but alas, I was not asked.

Luckily it did not knock of a bracket or a wire from my braces, nor did it knock a filling loose, but it did hurt my feelings and knocked me for a loop. Hubby Russell and daughter Katie just shook their head. The manager said she was sorry and would I like a free burrito in the future. (Only if it comes without diamonds.)

If you want to know more, read my Georgetown Times (S.C.) column next week (Wed.) and I'll tell you all about it. Oh! But as they say, "Wait! There's more:" I'll also tell you about the fly in my salad at the sushi bar two weeks earlier. If trouble comes in three, I'm staying home. Natch. ;-)

Remember: You don't have to be crazy to read this blog, but it's probably a pretty good idea.

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