Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh no! She's baaaaaaacck!

So there I was, "doing my thang," aka a booksigning (or shall I say doing a Meet-n-Greet; it's a Southern thing, honey) in the historic Dee Gee's Books & Gifts in Morehead City; when not 1, not 2, but 7 customers, all from Raleigh, stopped to chat and then purchased my books! Isn't it a small world? I was doubly pleased since Raleigh is our state capitol AND our daughter Kelly and my sister, Nancy live there. So for this week, Raleigh is my FAVE adopted city!!! A couple of years ago, I spoke to the Wake Forest Women's Club. I've also spoken twice at the Wake County North Regional Library in the past. So, a warm hello (again) to y'all and thanks for the memories!

I absolutely LOVE N.C. but we were gone for 20 years living in S.C., so it's great to be back living here again. I now consider myself a Snorth Carolinian. Though I grew up in Jacksonville, NC, and hubby Russell, aka 'Oscar the Grouch,' and I lived in S.C. for 20 years: 10 in Myrtle Beach, then 10 in Pawleys Island, we have returned to The Tarheel State for good. We have lived in Wilmington for the past year and a half. I regularly bogged in S.C., then got lazy and quit. So this is my first entry since moving away.

Anyway, I've been called a magnet for the unusal (a phrase coined by Diane DeVaughn Stokes, hostess extraordinnaire of the T.V. show "Southern Styles" in Myrtle Beach); so here's proof that even leaving one state and residing in another has not slowed down this interesting phenomenon. If things go like they always have, I should regularly have some fairly interesting anecotes and I'll share them with you, my blog buddies.

I was with Katie, our daughter and recent graduate of LSU (masters degree in flute performance) and Cathy, my sister from Virginia Beach, in our car after the book signing. We were driving to (are you ready for this?) Raleigh, for a Sip & See (formerly called a baby shower) for our new nephew Reid, when Katie started laughing hysterically. Why? Because she had on two different shoes! She didn't even notice from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Neither did Cathy or I, or the folks in Dee Gee's, or Dairy Queen, or anywhere else where we stopped that day. Amazing, huh? Turns out she had on a brown Rainbow sandal and a brown Top Sperry sandal. Thank goodness she had 1 other pair of shoes (which did indeed, match) for the Sip & See or she'd been shoeless and dare I say it, clueless? Hmmmm.... Rather sad, I'd say, considering her granddaddy (my daddy) once owned three shoe stores?

I have a way of bringing "odd luck" --not exactly bad, not exactly good--to those around me. Really. Stay tuned for more absurdities.

Remember: You don't have to be crazy to read this blog, but it would probably help.

Annie I.

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