Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is it just me or...

Is it just me or...
are my pedicures not lasting as long as they used to? I know, that's a lame topic of conversation when we're facing much more important national issues: this being an election year, gas prices outta control, health care worries and oh yeah--that nasty hurricane tormenting our friends on the Gulf Coast.

I declare I am NOT going to cave and get a pedicure every 2-3 weeks like my sister, Nancy. It's just the point of the thing. Then again, she just retired after 30 years of teaching--the lucky duck; so I guess I can understand her choice: she has money and time. I seem to have neither lately. Still, it seems to me that if they can make paint stick on CARS for heaven's sake, they should be able to make paint stick on finger nails and toe nails? I'm just saying.

When I stepped out of the shower tonight I noticed not 1, not 2, but half of my hot pink tootsies are chipped. And of course it's Saturday night and the nail salons aren't opened. Maybe no one in church will notice tomorrow morning if I wear socks with my heels. Do you think? ;-)

Well, that was my 2 minute rant and I sure feel better.

Remember: Save our nails!
Annie I.

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